Deal Farms

Beef, Grain, and Hay


Deal Farms is a sixth-generation family farm located in Muskingum County, Southeastern Ohio.  Kevin Deal and Lance Deal are the current operators and caretakers of the farm.  We pride ourselves in farming in cooperation with nature.

Products for direct sale:

Beef cattle

Grazing is a critical part of the growth of the cattle.  This approach is low stress on the animals and allows them to exercise on the hills and fields.


The #2 yellow corn is grown, shelled, and stored on the farm.  Facilities are available to load any size truck.  Commercial scales are available within two miles.

Soybeans Soybeans are grown as part of the crop rotation and stored on the farm.

Spring oats are grown as a cover crop to reseed the alfalfa hay fields.   These oats are harvested as hay or used with the corn as a feed supplement for the beef cattle.


Weather permitting, at least three cuttings of hay are harvested per year.  The first cutting is mixed hay made in late May through early June.   The second and third cuttings are mostly high quality alfalfa.  Hay is harvested as small square and large round bales.  Bales can be picked up in the field at the time of harvest or later in the year.

For detailed information on products and their availability contact Kevin or Lance at (If there is no answer, please leave a message):

Deal Farms
3030 Salt Creek Drive
Chandlersville, Ohio 43727